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Continuing Education Info

  • 4.5 CISP
  • 9.5 CTFA
  • 8.5 CLE
  • 8.0 CTFA

Wednesday, September 29

12:00 p.m. ITA Peer Group Meetings (includes lunch)
Join your peers prior to the conference for an afternoon of discussion on ideas that pertain to you! This is a great opportunity to meet fellow trust industry professionals, while getting ideas on best practices, answering questions and developing resources. Conference registration is not required for this event and it open to anyone who would like to attend.

12:30 p.m. Persuasive Communication
Lisa Munger, Iowa State University, Ames
Both verbal and non-verbal communication are acquirable skills. Work on vocal tone and cadence to present your most confident presence-even if you are quaking in your boots. Like anything else, they need practice to earn proficiency, but it can be done!

1:30 p.m. Group Discussion

Thursday, September 30

8:30 a.m. Registration & Exhibits Open

9:00 a.m. Welcome
Craig Schrader, West Bank, Des Moines

9:05 a.m. What Happens Next
Mark Zinder, Economist
We live in increasingly uncertain times; rapid economic changes, global unrest, and bi-partisan bickering have all lead to an underlying sense of uncertainty. In addition to the current climate, headlines are screaming that robots and artificial intelligence are going to eliminate worker’s jobs. What if they are all wrong? What if we are merely extrapolating the present and ignoring the possibilities of the future? History books are full of examples of previous revolutions that came and went: the industrial revolution, the railroad revolution, electrification, mass production, and now, quite possibly, the information technology revolution. In this presentation, you will discover how we are nearing the end of this revolution while another is just beginning, providing a fresh wave of prosperity.

10:20 a.m. Break with Exhibitors

10:40 a.m. 10 Critical IRA Errors Advisors Must Avoid
Jeff Levin,
Don’t make these mistakes! For more than 40 years, IRAs have been available as a retirement-savings vehicle, but the rules surrounding them are constantly changing, and they are incredibly – and deceptively – complex. Each year, client mistakes, advisor errors and oversights by financial institutions cost clients millions of dollars in unnecessary taxation. During this session we will review the most common mistakes and oversights so you can help your clients avoid them and save money.

Noon Lunch

1:00 p.m. Regulatory Update – Via Zoom
Phoebe Papageorgiou, American Bankers Association, Washington, D.C.
Learn more about what’s new on the national trust scene with proposed and pending legislation, new regulations and current issues that will affect you as a trust professional. Review recent developments coming from Congress and the regulatory agencies and assess their impact on the wealth management, charitable and employee benefit business lines.

2:00 p.m. Break with Exhibitors

2:20 p.m. Iowa Trust Code Updates including Decanting Trusts
Bob Hodges, Brown Winnick, Des Moines
This session will review recent changes in the Iowa Trust Code and include detailed information about decanting trusts.

3:20 p.m. Break with Exhibitors

3:35 p.m. In Flow: Elevating One’s Performance, Positivity, & Attitude
Tom Westbrook, Drake University, Des Moines
One’s energy state defines one’s performance, positivity, and attitude. Discover the four energy quadrants and uncover where you fall between being in-flow and burned-out. You will also learn strategies for how to stay energized and positive in our crazy-busy world. Be prepared for some personally surprising insights!

4:35 p.m. Reception with Exhibitors

Friday, October 1

8:00 a.m. Full Breakfast Buffet & Annual Meeting

8:45 a.m. Fraudsters Toolbox: Targeting the Elderly
Mike Burke, SHAZAM
The elderly are a top target for scam artists and financial crimes against this population are becoming more rampant in the age of social media. Find out the different ways fraudsters target these vulnerable citizens using spam and tech support scams, law enforcement and IRS scams, grandparent and romance scams, in addition to phone call scams. Learn how to recognize unusual account activity and use the provided tools to educate your senior cardholders. Select three topics to highlight in your program: Romance scam, law enforcement/IRS scam, Social Security scam, text spam scam, tech support scam, grandparent scam, secret shopper scam and Craigslist scam.

9:45 a.m. Break

10:00 a.m. Federal Tax Update and Estate Planning
Sam Donaldson, Georgia State University, Atlanta
In light of recent developments, some estate planning strategies have become especially popular. This presentation explains and evaluates several “hot” planning ideas, including spousal lifetime access trusts, charitable remainder trusts as beneficiaries of retirement accounts, ultra-long-term GRATs, and incomplete gift non-grantor trusts.

11:15 a.m. Adjourn