Legal Research – Primary Sources

Thomas U.S. Congress Legislative Information Web Site
U.S. House of Representatives
Office of the Law Revision Counsel
Legal Information Institute (LII)
U.S. Code Collection
U.S. Tax Court
Versus Law

Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
IRS Regulations since 8/1/95
IRS Bulletins since 1995-02
IRS Private Letter Rulings since 1999
IRS Forms and Publications
IRS On-Line Fill-In Forms 
IRS Estate and Gift Tax Site

State-Specific Probate and Tax

Texas Probate Web Site
The Pennsylvania Estate and Trust Cybrary
Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro Web Site
Baird Brown’s Elder Law Web Site

Millard & Hunter PC Law Web Site
State Specific Tax Information
State Specific Tax Information
Multistate Tax Commission

General Resources

NCCUSL’s Web Site
Mokan Web Site
Schools of Banking
IBA Career Center
IBA Legislative Action Center

Valuation Websites

EVP Web Site
Evaluation Services Appraise Web Site
Financial Data Service Inc.
U.S. Bureau of Public Debt Saving Bond Web Site
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
My Savings Bonds Web Site
Savings Bond Wizard
MMR Software Web Site

Trust Compare

Life Insurance Products

Instant Insurance Quotes

Retirement Plans and IRAs

Brentmark Software IRA Web Site
Texas attorney Noel C. Ice
Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

Charitable Gift Planning

Charity Village
The Foundation Center
Council of Foundations
The PGDC Foyer