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Dues for membership is shown in the Annual Dues Schedule. Please give consideration to becoming a member.

You can complete a membership request form online or a printed membership form. 2020.

1. Regular/Affiliate Membership: Regular membership shall extend to all entities offering trust services which have paid current dues to the Association. Affiliate membership shall be granted to all other locations of the regular member located within the state.

Amount    Total Trust Asset Size

$125.00    $0 to $999,999
$200.00   $1MM to $4,999M
$275.00   $5MM to $9,999M
$350.00   $10MM to $19,999M
$475.00   $20MM to $49,999M
$550.00   $50MM to $99,999M
$700.00   $100MM to $999,999M
$1000.00  Over $1 Billion

2. Associate Member: Associate memberships shall extend to a person(s) working in the areas of trust, estate, financial or charitable planning.
Cost – $125/member

3. Service (Vendor) Member: Persons or entities providing related services and/or products to our members.
Cost – $300

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