Attractiveness of municipal bonds should not be overlooked in 2014

After a challenging year for the municipal bond (muni) market in 2013, we believe the underlying strength of munis has improved, making the asset class an attractive proposition heading into 2014. In our view, challenges and headwinds will continue in 2014; however, more palatable yields and the relative attractiveness of munis versus other taxable alternatives may help investors limit the volatility and downside witnessed over the past year.

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Attractiveness of muni bonds should not be overlooked in 2014

ITA Webinar – It’s Late Do You Know Where Your Fees Are?

ITA is please to present a webinar to help you meet some of the most current challenges facing the fiduciary industry. The wealth management and trust business has a tremendous amount of risk associated with it; the reward generated from providing services is not always commensurate with the risk taken on, and, at a certain point the reward or profitability is no longer sustainable.  Through an analysis of industry data and an understanding of the key risk indicators, KRI’s, for the wealth and trust business, this session will provide insights on how to grow top line revenue while mitigating risks.  Various best practices will be discussed, including how a consistent process addressing revenue enhancement opportunities will provide for optimum risk-adjusted revenue within the Wealth Management and Trust business line.
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ITA Fall Conference Approved for Continuing Education

Attendees at the Iowa Trust Association Fall Conference will qualify for continuing education hours.


CLE is approved for 8.25 hours. The activity number is 113203.


CTFA is approved for 7.5 hours. The breakdown of CTFA hours is as follows:

Designation    Credits
– FID:           3.25
– INV:           1.5
– TAX:           1.5

Additional 1.25 credits to the totals given based on which breakout session attended:

*REITS-The most misunderstood asset class– INV 1.25
*Changes to powers of Attorney–FID 1.25
*Estate Planning for Digital Assets–FID 1.25