Will & Trust TOC

Will & Trust Forms Table of Contents

Form I – Simple Will

Form II – Will with contingent trusts for descendants

Form III – Simple will with residue pouring over to inter vivos trust

Form IV – Will with residue in family trust

Form V – Will with pecuniary QTIP marital deduction trust and residue in family trust (estate size not large)

Form VI – Will with Pecuniary Credit Shelter Family Trust and Marital Deduction Trust (Large Estate)

Form VII – Codicil to will

Form VIII – Living trust agreement with all trust property distributed at settlor’s death

Form IX – Living trust agreement with pecuniary QTIP marital deduction trust and balance to family trust (estate size not large)

Form X – Living trust agreement with pecuniary credit shelter family trust and balance to QTIP marital deduction trust (large estate)

Form XI – Living trust agreement with power of appointment marital trust and one-pot dynasty trust (large estate)

Form XII – Contingent life insurance trust

Form XIII – Amendment to revocable trust agreement

Form XIV – Minors trust agreement qualifying under Section 2503(c)

Form XV – Irrevocable gift trust with Crummey powers

Form XVI – Irrevocable life insurance trust with Crummey powers

Form XVII – Irrevocable perpetual life insurance trust for second-to-die policy

Form XVIII – Grantor retained income trust

Form XIX – Grantor retained annuity trust

Form XX – Inter vivos two-life charitable remainder unitrust net income only

Form XXI – Inter vivos charitable lead annuity trust

Form XXII – Irrevocable perpetuities trust

Form XXIII – Lifetime QTIP trust

Form XXIV – Trust creating private foundation

Form XXV – Family limited partnership agreement

Form XXVI – Buy-sell agreement (new form and commentary)

Form XXVII – Standby conservatorship petition

Form XXVIII – Iowa durable general power of attorney

Form XXIX – Iowa durable power of attorney for health care

Form XXX – Iowa living will declaration

Form XXXI – Split dollar agreement

Form XXXII – Certification of trust

Form XXXIII – Disclaimer

Form XXXIV – Irrevocable perpetuities trust with division into separate trusts

Form XXXV – Irrevocable trust for grandchildren qualifying under Section 2642(c)

Form XXXVI – Joint living trust agreement (small estate)Additional Will & Trust Provision